2017 Saddle Horse Show


Sunday, October 15 2017.
Start Time: 10:00am
Registration Time: 9:00am

CHAIRPERSON: Emily Voisin 519-392-6242, 519-540-8556 or voisinemily@yahoo.ca ; Joanne Caldecott  519-889-1740 eod@persona.ca


  1. One horse/rider combination for each entry number
  2. Registration to be at least one full class in advance
  3. Proof of $1 000 000 liability insurance at time of registration
  4. No refunds
  5. Judge’s decision is final
  6. Show will follow Equine Canada Rules/ Midwestern Ontario Horsemanship Society Rules
  7. Helmets to be worn at all times while mounted by persons under the age of 18 years
  8. Helmets to be worn by all riders competing in the Jumping Classes
  9. $25 fee to file a complaint with the Judge

FEES: A $5.00 2017 membership to the Walkerton Agricultural Society will be required of each exhibitor.

As of January 1, 2017

Junior-16 & under      $4.00 per class

Senior– 17 & over       $5.00 per class

Prizes: Ribbons to 4th place; prize money to 5th place

Junior  $20.00, $16.00, $12.00, $8.00, $4.00

Senior $25.00, $20.00, $15.00, $10.00, $8.00

GENERAL: Lunch will be 1 hour long to accommodate ring crew to set up jump courses, which can be walked at this time as well. Proper and Respectable riding attire is required although traditional show clothing may be excused. Appropriate attire will be considered a boot with a 1” heel, pants that cover the entire leg, shirts with necklines that do not go past the collarbone as well as sleeves no shorter then to the bicep. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.  Reasonable time will be allowed for riders who require tack or mount changes between classes (if this is the case please inform attendants at time of registration). We hope to create a fun and safe atmosphere where riders of all levels can join in as a community to test their skills in friendly competition and perhaps even try something new. The show is completely run by volunteers and we would like to make their day enjoyable as well so don’t hesitate to thank them when you see them hard at work.



Brought to you by our Sponsors


  1. Lead Line (any discipline, age 10 and under

may also participate in classes 18,20,22 if on lead)

  1. English Pleasure Junior                       Walkerton Equine Clinic
  2. English Pleasure Senior
  3. English Equitation Junior          Walkerton Equine Clinic
  4. English Equitation Senior
  5. Command Junior (English & Western)          Walkerton Equine Clinic
  6. Command Senior (English & Western)
  7. Western Pleasure Junior          Walkerton Equine Clinic
  8. Western Pleasure Senior                       Holmes Graphics
  9. Western Horsemanship Junior                Roy Ionson Saddlery
  10. Western Horsemanship Senior        Bruce County Moving & Storage

—— LUNCH———-

  1. Jumpers 2’ Junior               Shookies Automotive
  2. Jumpers 2’ Senior
  3. Jumpers 2’3” Junior
  4. Jumpers 2’3” Senior
  5. Jumpers 2’6” Junior                 Voisin Farms
  6. Jumpers 2’6” Senior                 Voisin Farms
  7. Keyhole Junior                Roy Ionson Saddlery
  8. Keyhole Senior                Caldecott Millwright
  9. Flag Junior
  10. Flag Senior
  11. Barrel Junior            JD’s Tack Room
  12. Barrel Senior         Eastern Overhead Doors